Keep on Eatin’, Baby

Dear Emily,

I’ve been struggling with getting a healthy milk supply for my second son – actually, I should start by saying I am getting a LOT of milk, he’s just a healthy eater. He LOVES TO EAT!

I breastfed my first son for one year, no formula ever. Thank God.

But with my second son, I am afraid I will end up having to supplement only because after he’s done eating and has thoroughly emptied both breasts, he still seems to be hungry. Or just not satiated. Question is should I just make peace with the idea of supplementing with formula? Or should I do everything in my power, including adding one or two more pumping sessions to the day? I should also add I’m already pumping 5 times a day at work and once at night. Is formula really all that horrible? I don’t know…. am I being silly?

This is my first baby related question! Full disclosure to my readers, I’m a trained Postpartum Doula, so I’ll be answering those questions as I get them! I’ll also ask some other Postpartum Doulas what they think, because having that second opinion is always smart.

Dear Mother of Adorable Baby Boys,

First of all, you’re doing great. You’re not being silly; you are concerned and want to make sure that your son is getting everything his tiny adorable body needs. You’re doing exactly what you should be, and your son is thriving. So, give yourself a break and a pat on the back.

He may be going through a growth spurt. Babies go through so.many.growth.spurts. Starting around a week – ten days, around the three – four month range, and then every couple months after that, babies go from regular growing to super duper growing. Everyone grows at different rates, so your second son is probably just growing and eating differently than your first. If he is, then his eating habits may change soon. Hold tight!

His pediatrician should know if he’s getting enough food, but if he continues to act ravenous after every feeding, you can do a couple things (there’s more than a couple things but these things are pretty easy). You can try to up your milk supply with things like brewer’s yeast (put it into cookies, smoothies, anything really), or you can supplement with formula. No, formula is not the evil king of Big Baby. It helps millions of babies grow and thrive into happy, healthy kids! There are some awesome organic formulas, and you can supplement with a couple formula bottles a day. Guess what? That’s fine. That’s one hundred million percent okay. You’re doing your best, and I think you’re doing great. You’re a working mom of two healthy little boys, and you care about making sure that they both are well fed and loved. Keep up the good work, and take a deep breath. If you choose formula, I think you’ll find that your feelings about it will change. I’ve worked with families who have EBF (exclusively breastfed), did breast milk and formula, and families who only ever gave formula. The babies are doing great. They are loved and cared for, that’s what matters.

Need something to read while pumping/breastfeeding/feeding your babe a bottle? Rachel Epp Buller wrote Have Milk, Will Travel just for you.

With love and comfort and also cookies,


2 thoughts on “Keep on Eatin’, Baby

  1. You are the sweetest ever ❤ Thank you so much for making me feel better about this! After much (much) research, I think I have found a pretty good formula…it is called Babys Only.

    Wish me luck! 🙂

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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