Nosey Sibling

Dear Emily,
A sibling of mine has never been in a relationship or expressed interest in dating or even attraction to other people. They now live far away from me. A close friend of ours and I have been noticing them interacting with one of their close friends of the same sex in manners on Facebook that highly suggest they are together in a relationship. This person seems really great and if it’s true I would be SO happy for my sibling. The thing is they don’t like confrontation and typically you have to wait for them to approach you first about sensitive situations. What are subtle ways I can let them know that I know, or let them know it’s completely safe to open up to me about it? It makes me sad to think they’ve had a major milestone in their life and not to have shared it with me.
Nosey Sibling

I’m also an incredibly nosey person. I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. So, I’d probably be feeling the same way if I were in this situation!

For this answer I thought it’d be best to enlist the help of an expert, so I asked my brother (gay witch extraordinaire) for his opinion. Here’s what he had to say: “That’s tough!! Honestly, I would say it’s none of their business. If their sibling wants to say something they would or will, and if I was in that situation I’d feel like even something subtle would feel like my sibling was spying on me or trying to keep tabs or something. But on the other side, I would also want them to know that it’s okay to be who they are! I mean, if it’s on Facebook it’s public so if the sibling doesn’t want someone to see it, they shouldn’t (or wouldn’t) put it on the internet, so go for it? I think the fact that it’s on Facebook gives them the go ahead to say something.”

That’s two answers for you right there! My take on it is this; the holidays are coming up and I’m assuming you’ll be able to spend more time with this sibling. When you do, continue to be loving and supportive and show that you’re a trusted ally. Maybe if the friend comes up in conversation, say how much you like this person or how you’re glad they’re friends. Who knows, your sibling may decide to disclose something!

However, you could be reading into something that’s actually just close friendship. Take your sibling’s lead on this, they’ll tell you if something is happening when they’re ready.

Your equally nosey friend,

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