Emily Losey was once called bossy by her seventh grade English teacher, which she took as a high compliment. She has a Master of Social Work degree with a concentration of Community Mental Health, and she has worked on hotlines and advice text lines for years. Emily is certified as a Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor, a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, and a Postpartum Doula. Very Good Advice answers questions ranging from sex to friendship, money to depression. If she can’t answer something, she’ll bring in a friend who can!

Emily is an American who lives in Montreal with her many plants and endlessly supportive Canadian boyfriend. Her favo(u)rite activities include eavesdropping, jokes, and talking in third person. Find her on Twitter telling bad jokes, or on Instagram posting bad pictures.


All art by the lovely, brilliant, and talented creator of Tiny Tales, Britt Scott.